Welcome to the Langen Group!

We explore cold atoms and molecules for quantum science and technology at the Atominstitut in Vienna.

Our goals include the use of dipolar molecules, to realize new forms of quantum matter and gain insights into the foundations of molecular collisions and chemistry. Moreover, we study molecules that facilitate tabletop precision searches for new physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics. Finally, we also develop compact experimental setups to manipulate single atoms and molecules for technological applications.

We are part of the Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology (VCQ), Wolfgang Pauli Institut and the Cluster of Excellence Quantum Science Austria.

We currently have several open positions from undergraduate to PostDoc level!

  • An experimental setup for the creation and laser cooling of BaF molecules
  • Calculated phase diagram of dipolar molecules, showing several interesting states of matter
  • Group Picture of the Langen Group in December 2023
  • A laser table containing many optical elements being manipulated by students
  • A 3D printed lens inside a vacuum chamber
  • A laser table used for the laser cooling of barium monofluoride molecules
  • The Vienna Skyline during sunset